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Don’t Let Internalized Ableism Stop You From Using Assistive Technology

Recently, I learned the true value of assistive technology and the extent of my own internalized ableism. One Monday morning, my laptop started overheating to the point where it actually started to hurt my fingers. Before anyone starts worrying, I am not still using it! It’s been sent off to be repaired but that means I’m …

Emma Vogelmann talk to Victoria Derbyshire on BBC News
My Thoughts, What I'm Up To

Discussing Effects of the Petrol Crisis on the Disabled Community with BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire.

It’s been a busy week. As we know there are petrol shortages and issues with refuelling in the UK as people across the country panic buy. I wrote a tweet after I myself experienced the knock on effect, with a carer informing me that they may not be able to reach me as they had …