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Government announce new measures for wheelchairs on buses

The Government have announced new measures for wheelchair users on buses which will hopefully improve our experiences. Muscular Dystrophy UK have been campaigning for a long time to get better access for disabled people on public transport so this was a welcome announcement. You can read about their work here. This was published 08/03/2018 on MDUK’s website.

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Trailblazers hold meeting at Parliament to discuss transport

I attended Muscular Dystrophy UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group meeting for young disabled people chaired by Heidi Allen MP. This meeting was focused on transport and we had lots of great discussion on the issues disabled people face on all forms of public transport – a topic I know all to well! Read my many blogs on …


59% of councils unable to enforce new taxi equality laws

I get discriminated against most days I try to get a cab and am actually surprised if a driver DOESN’T try to overcharge me! I’ve written about my experiences before and today I’m writing to briefly tell you about the laws that would prevent taxi drivers from discriminating against wheelchair users, if councils enforce it. Doug …

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Why SOLD OUT can be the two most disappointing words in the world

SOLD OUT can be the two most disappointing words in the world when you’re trying to get tickets to a concert or a film. After you’ve been on hold for 30 minutes or redialled 60 times or waited in line only to find out that when it is finally your turn, you are too late. Everyone …

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How a taxi journey left me nearly in tears

Emma Vogelmann was recently interviewed on Radio 4’s You and Yours consumer programme about being charged extra by taxi drivers simply because she’s a wheelchair user. Listen here. In this blog, she talks about her experiences.I am forever saying how amazing it is that all black cabs in London have a pull-out ramp meaning that any wheelchair …

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Trailblazers attend Loughborough University Hackathon

This piece was originally published on Muscular Dystrophy UK’s website on October 15, 2018.  On September 27th Trailblazers attended the Global Disability Innovation Hub event “Hacking Disability – How do you change a lightbulb if you use a wheelchair?” Loughborough University London hosts a series of “Hacks” where their students come up with innovative solutions to problems. Their partnership with …

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Trailblazers respond to new Government announcement on disability

Today (25 June 2019) new measures were announced by the Prime Minister to “tackle barriers faced by disabled people”.  The measures are to “renew” the efforts to ensure disabled people can fully participate in society by focusing on accessible housing and employment. The announcement details plans to release guidance on accessible housing and a consultation on ways …